Pretti5 x Matchali Green Tea Making Workshop

Time Slot:

Bring a friend and lets make Matcha! For this workshop, you can redeem $380 HKD as a cash coupon for your next purchase. And a complimentary ADVANCED HYALURONIC SERUM and Matcha drink from Matchali!

Date: Oct 23 & 24 2021
Time: Oct 23 1 pm - 2pm, Oct 24 12 pm - 2pm
Location: K11 MUSEA MATCHALI Store
Choose the time period you want to participate in the workshop and pay here to secure your place.
Places are limited, first come first served.


帶上你的好朋友,一起來製作抹茶!成功報名參與工作坊後,你可以將費用 $380 HKD全數兌現成電子購物禮券於下次購物使用,同時免費獲贈一枝【雙重透明質酸抗氧化精華】和一杯來自Matchali的抹茶特飲!

日期:2021 年 10 月 23 日和 24 日
時間:星期六 1pm - 2pm 星期日 12 pm - 2 pm
地點:K11 MUSEA MATCHALI 門店 選擇你想要參與工作坊的時段,在這裡支付確保你的位置。 名額有限,先到先得。

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Workshop spots are only confirmed once fees have been received in full.
  2. If the workshop is cancelled, all fees paid will be refunded.
  3. Participants will receive one free, full-sized bottle of Advanced Hyaluronic Serum in person.
  4. The cash coupon will be delivered as a discount code, and is only valid for a single transaction of over HK$1,000. It is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full.
  5. Botanic Pretti5 ("The Company") accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your property during the workshop provided such loss or damage is not by reason of our negligence.
  6. The Company accepts no responsibility for the speech or actions of unaffiliated persons attending the workshop. The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident or delay which may be caused at the workshop or thereafter.
  7. The Company will communicate with you using the contact details provided on the registration form for the purposes of the workshop. We are not liable for errors or omissions contained in such information. By registering for the workshop, you consent to our use of your personal details for future promotional purposes.
  8. The Company may wish to photograph or film the workshop and reserve the right to do so for the purposes of promoting future workshops or otherwise. You consent to us (or any other person attending the workshop) photographing or filming you and any persons attending the workshop with you.
  9. If the participant is absent from the workshop due to personal reasons, the paid fee will not be refunded.
  10. As needed, colleagues in the workshop can request participants to provide identification to verify the qualifications of participants. If you fail to show it, your colleague has the right to refuse the participant to attend the class. Participants must keep their personal belongings during the workshop. If there is any damage or damage, and it is not caused by the negligence of the company, the company will not be responsible.
  11. The company is not responsible for any comments or actions made by non-related persons participating in the workshop.. The company is not responsible for any injury, damage, loss, accident or delay that may be caused during or after the workshop.
  12. If the class needs to be cancelled or the date changed due to inclement weather, the company will notify the affected participants as soon as possible and make other arrangements. Generally speaking, if Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, red rainstorm or black rainstorm warning is hoisted or still hoisted at the Observatory at or after 9:00 am, the workshop on that day will be cancelled. All affected workshops will be arranged separately according to the notice of the company. Except for the hoisting of typhoon signal No. 8 or above, the red rainstorm or black rainstorm warning, other weather conditions will not be affected.
  13. In case of any dispute, the decision of The Company shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.


  1. 工作坊的名額將會在收妥全數費用後才獲確認。
  2. 假如工作坊取消,所付之費用將全數退還。
  3. 每位參加者將於出席時收到一支免費贈送的雙重透明質酸抗氧化精華。
  4. 電子購物禮券將會以優惠碼形式發放,只限單次滿$1000 HKD的交易使用。禮券不可退款,不能以禮券面額或餘額兌換現金。
  5. 基於工作坊活動的緣故,本公司將會使用閣下報名時所提供的聯絡方式與你聯繫,對於此類資訊中包含的錯誤資訊或遺漏,本公司概不負責。報名參加工作坊即表示閣下已經同意我們將來能夠使用你的個人資料作推廣目的。
  6. 如參加者因個人原因缺席工作坊,所付之費用將不獲退款。
  7. 工作坊同事可按需要,要求參加者提供身份證明,以核對參加者資格。如未能出示者,同事有權拒絕該參加者上課。
  8. 參加者於工作坊期間須自行保管個人財物,假如有任何損壞或損害,而且並非因Botanic Pretti5 (下稱「本公司」)的疏忽所造成,本公司概不負責。
  9. 任何非相關人士參與工作坊所作出的言論或行為,本公司概不負責。
  10. 工作坊進行期間或其後可能造成的任何傷害、損壞、損失、意外或延誤,本公司概不負責。
  11. 本公司有權於工作坊期間進行攝影或錄影,並保留將來用作推廣工作坊或其他方面的權利。這表示閣下(與其他參加者)已經同意你和任何與你參加工作坊的人士被拍下照片
  12. 如因惡劣天氣而須取消課堂或更改日期,本公司將盡快通知受影響的參加者,並且另作安排。普遍而言,如天文台於上午9:00或之後懸掛或仍懸掛8號或以上風球、紅色暴雨或黑色暴雨警告,則當日之工作坊將會取消。所有受影響工作坊會按本公司通知而另作安排。除懸掛8號或以上風球外、紅色暴雨或黑色暴雨警告,其他之天氣狀況,將不受影響。
  13. 如有任何爭議,以Botanic Pretti5對所有相關方作出的最終決定為準。

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